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Meme Time

Meme from souless_ginger 

Reply with "A sphincter says what?!" and I'll give you four fandoms.
Write about your favorite character from each fandom.

Chrono Trigger

Given that I recently Cosplayed Crono, I think it would only be fair to not put him down as my favorite character (which he is). So lets go with another character:



Lucca is such a fun character.  She's super quirky and she's also a genius.  I love the way that she makes all the inventions for the party and that she is willing to help out in any way that she can. Just, dont try to hit on her if you're a girl.  It'll freak her out.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann


Kamina is so over the top.  I guess thats part of the reason why I like him so much.  But the thing about Kamina, is the fact that *spoiler* he inspired so many people.  I think thats why i like his character so much.  His actions are very noble...and even though he might not do them in the most moral of ways, it still shows what he wants to fight for.

The Tenchi series

Little Washu is a very fun character.  Depending on which series you watch, she has a different background story.  Im going with the Tenchi Muyo story, because it showed that she was a caring mother in the past, and her child was taken away from her.  Its really sad because its a sensitive moment for her that is usually masked by her zaniness.  Overall, I think that Washu is a very fun character.  She's sensitive, silly, and very wise.  But watch out for her naughty side.  Don't let her do tests on you!

Valkyria Chronicles
Isara Gunther

Isara Gunther is one of the best characters in Valkyria Chronicles.  She's very kindhearted gentle, but is also a mechanical genious (common theme here).  She also is part of a race that is on the receiving end of alot of prejudice.  Regardless of that, it doesn't stop her from being so kind hearted to everyone...even to Rosie who's attitude is very clearly hostile toward her.

Thats all though.  Post if you'd like me to pick a series for you.

Panzer Dragoon Orta (Xbox)

I had wanted to write this before, but I got sidetracked, so I'm going to do this as a solitary review rather than a 3-in-1 review.

In the past few months, I've been streaming games on my channel on Justin.tv. One of the games I streamed was Panzer Dragoon Orta for Xbox. When the game came out, I was primarily a PS2 gamer, but boy oh boy this game made me jealous of not being a Xbox owner. Sure, by this time Sega had gone third party, and we got Virtua Fighter 4, but I would have LOVED to get Orta on Xbox. How could a game make me so envious?

Panzer Dragoon: Orta is a the sequel to the legendary Sega Saturn game Panzer Dragoon Saga, and its prequels Panzer Dragoon: Zwei and Panzer Dragoon. You play as Orta, a mysterious girl with no memories of her past. She has been imprisoned all her life in a local village because people think she is a bringer of doom. One night however, a raid by the empire engineered Dragons (Dragonmares) destroys the village. As these dragons set their sights on the tower that holds her captive, a mysterious dragon dispatches the squad before they can kill her. A confused Orta jumps on the dragon's back and flees from the city, but not before the dragons begin to chase her. Why exactly has this dragon helped her, and will Orta's past ever be revealed?

This game is a rail shooter kinda like Virtua Cop (also made by Sega). As your flying, you control your dragon and shoot any enemy in your path. Your normal attack is a basic blaster, but your dragon can also lock onto multiple targets and shoot lasers at their enemies. Unlike most rail shooters, which you follow a path and have to shoot things directly in front of you, Orta allows you to switch directions and shoot things on both sides, and even behind you. Also, your dragon can do a dash, and brake to avoid enemies. This is sometimes necessary to defeat certain enemies and bosses.

I will be the first to tell you, that while there is a tutorial that teaches how to play the game and explains the mechanics, this game is tough. Even on the easiest difficulty, this game is probably one of the most challenging games that you'll ever play. However, once you learn how the mechanics of the game work, its very rewarding. This is one of the few games that I feel is hard in a genuine fashion and not a "cheap" fashion. This is helped by the fact that the controls are very responsive. Your shot and lock on buttons are the same. To shoot a normal shot, you rapidly press the assigned button, or hold it down to lock on. Dash and Brake are assigned to two face buttons, and you change your point of view with the L and R trigger buttons. Your special attack is used by the white button below the face buttons. Of course, these can be changed in the options menu if you feel fit.

One cool aspect about this game is your dragon has three different forms that it can change into. Changing between these forms is crucial in playing this game. Each form has its own special that can be used after your meter fills up (by killing enemies). Also, each form has experience that it can gain by destroying certain enemies. Base Wing is the most balanced form of the three. It can lock onto 12 targets, and has a good balance between speed and power. Its special is a mega blast that homes into everything and destroys it, all while making you invisible as well. Heavy Wing is the powerhouse form. It lacks speed, but makes up for it in brute power. It can lock onto six targets with its powerful lasers. Its special is a huge laser blast that shoots in the path of your cross-hairs. The only drawback is that this form cannot use dash or brake. The third form, glide wing, is the fastest and most mobile of the three forms. It shoots rapid fire shots that locks onto any enemy. It however lacks lock on laser shots that the other forms have. Its special causes 'dragon spirits' to fly out and destroy the enemy adding to your life bar. This is the only way of restoring life in the game, so use it when you need to.

Even though the most important part of a game is its gameplay, its also important to present the game in a way that will draw you in and keep you interested, and luckily Orta does this very well. The story itself is very engrossing. Its all told in this unique language (dubbed 'Panzereze'), and told throughout 10 chapters. It'll take you from the canyons of a local village, to the information network "Senstren' (near a large tower). The game itself looks beautiful. The environments are very diverse. You have some colorful ones like canyons and grasslands of Chapter Two, to some more solemn wastelands in Chapter Three. Regardless, they all have some nice details to make them stand out. Its easy to see the environments and forget about the characters. While I will admit some of the 'humanoid' characters aren't as interesting as the environments, you still have some unique characters. Orta is probably the only human character you'll see, but the programmers really did a good job with portraying her confused character. The dragons look pretty cool too, so its a good package all around.

Another part of the game i enjoyed was the music. Some of the tracks have a strong tribal feel to them using percussion instruments as well as other non-western instruments. Then you have other tracks that are pulse pounding with a lot of electrical synthesizers. Its really hard to describe it, but it sounds really nice. The soundtrack was released through Tokyopop years ago. Its probably super rare to find in store now, but if you can, I'd give it a listen.

Overall, this is a great game on Xbox. Even though Sega's quality of the past few years has been hit or miss, I can easily say that this game is a bulls-eye. Don't let the hard difficulty push you away, because if you invest in the game, you'll come away with a very rewarding experience. The story is engrossing, it looks pretty, and the game play will keep you hooked. Even though the game itself is just 10 missions, there are unlockables like score attack, side episodes, and even a Port of the original Panzer Dragoon, so you wont get bored. If you see this one used somewhere, pick it up. Its amazing!


My "friends"

I've been pondering this for a while...so, I'm going pretty much all out on this. This is a post about my experiences with churches I've been to. In particular my college church, and alot of the members there. I know this may turn some off, but I kinda need to get it off my chest.

I grew up going to church with my mom. Eventually when i was old enough, I started going to a different church from my mom. SO, it was natural for me when I got in college to find a church. I did. I wont say which one it is, but I made it my home for 5 years. Were those 5 years worth it? Well...

In the long run yes. It was a great church, the staff members were very nice, and very involved with trying to bring people in. Their teachings were very good too, the types that made you think about things and put things into prospective. So, in that regard, that was a huge positive aspect.

The First two yearsCollapse )

Year 3Collapse )

Year 4-5Collapse )

WrapupCollapse )

You know, im beginning to be convinced that people from my former church were really horrible friends in the past 5 years. I'm too tired to discuss it now, but I'll bring it up later.

My D&D Character

(I'm still surprised that my entries for more or less lately start with "My". Humorous.)

I recently was asked to join a D&D campaign. Of course I did, so i made a characters, and we're off...to a slow start.

With the help of my friend Hilary (not on LJ), I created a backstory. I'd like you guys to read it. If you're a gamer...you might recognize some of the references i put in there.

As a young boy Van was orphaned during a raid on his village. He left the remains of his home and traveled for days until he was near the point of death. A group of Bandits picked him up and took him into their ranks. For years he helped them rob merchants and travelers, but he always had a pang of guilt that those around him never felt. The leader who had helped him died during a robbery and a new leader rose from the ranks. This new leader was unkind to Van, and gave him risky tasks in hopes that Van would fail or be killed. One day Van seized his opportunity and struck down the leader of the Bandits. Van took control and told the Bandits that they were officially disbanded. He was praised by the people who traveled that road as a hero who rid them of the men who had been plaguing their caravans for years. In the nearby kingdom of Gallia there was trouble brewing, so Van decided to go and help where he could in the endangered kingdom.

Near the beginning of his time in Gallia, Van was plagued by the sins of his past life as a bandit, and was sent by the king on a journey to find an item at a local mountain. The King said it was to rid Van of the bloodstained past he had. He traveled to the local mountains in search of an ancient power. It was there that he discovered a sword that was bathed in light. As he picked it up from its stone, he was soon bathed in the light and was given sacred holy powers. This also helped him to come to terms with his past, and he vowed to fight all forms of evil in the name of all things that are Holy and Sacred.

After returning from the mountain, the King was pleased that he completed this mission, and soon appointed him as leader of the Royal Army. Van was to train a force that would be called upon whenever the country needed help.

It was also during this time that Van became acquainted with Princess Alicia, daughter of the king. The two became friends, and would often enjoy each others company together.

Soon, Van's army was called to defend the kingdom from a growing imperial threat. His army fought valiantly, and helped the kingdom remove the menace with only a few casualties. After the war ended, Van stepped down from his duty as leader of the kingdom army giving command over his second in command. He had begun having dreams that told of danger in a kingdom far away, and with the King's permission was allowed to travel and stop the upcoming evil. He would always be a welcome guest in Gallia, which had become his new home. He had also promised to return someday...especially to see Princess Alicia again, whom he had grown very fond of during his stay.

Van has young looks, but his age is hard to determine due to his Half-elf heritage. He also has darker skin than most Half-elves, which led to some prejudice among elves. During his time at Gallia, he met interacted with people from many different kingdoms, making many allies in the process and in a sense becoming a diplomat of Gallia.

Personality wise, Van is very positive, but is often defensive when it comes to protecting those who are in trouble or anything that is evil. He can often be a loner, but is always willing to help anyone who needs it. His proper attitude and kindness has always been a helpful attribute to his travels and his diplomacy has gotten him very far when on his own. He can also show a huge energetic side, but tries to keep more serious. At times he can be a bit stubborn and even brash when it comes to his beliefs. Van is also musically talented, a hobby he took up during his down time while training knights and fighting wars as well as spending time with Princess Alicia.

What do you guys think? Do you recognize any of the references?

My Vday Hangover

No...I'm not drunk, nor was I on Vday. It just sums up the feeling I have right now. Its like everyone around me...both friends and coworkers have someone. Doesnt make things any easier....hopefully Ill have the laptop up in a few so ill update it from there.

There we go...

I was at group tonight, and it was two couples, one married man, and me and this other guy. So, i totally felt out of place. IDK, maybe it was my inner jealousy coming out or something....but it sucked. I'm going to try and suck it up and see what happens.

See, heres the thing, I don't mind being single. its something i have to be right now and I accept that. It doesn't make it any easier to desire someone. Furthermore, my chances of meeting someone right now are very low for the reasons above. So really, i just need to suck it up and go through things....cause eventually something will happen....or pigs will fly. Whichever comes first.

My life in three songs

I was listening to some music today...and it got me thinking to my current ongoings on my life. So, i think i'll use three random songs to describe my life right now. They're instrumental or vocal...so come in with an open mind.

1.) The Musashi Legend

I mainly like this song because I feel like it describes a brave warrior. Its very straightforward, but also very powerful. I may not be so powerful right now for certain reasons, but I feel like this is in a way a theme song for me. It makes me want to keep pushing forward and do what I do best whatever it may be.

2.) Sick Cycle Carousel

I sang this song in Karaoke a year ago. I really like the song even though the lyrics are simple. The song basically describes a person who's going through what seems like an endless struggle. Idk if its a girl (though by some of the lyrics, i would imagine so), a life situation or whatever, but i kinda feel like in a HUGE way this best describes another part of my life...multiple parts. Interestingly enough, when i sang this song back at my old church in college, a friend of mine asked me if this was a song to the people of that church. I said no...but the more i look back on it, it was...even if unintentionally.

But anywho, back to my main point. Things are kinda bleak in ways. Yes, i'm still subbing, and its going darn well. Throughout my search for a full time teaching position, I feel like im still going through the same cycles over and over and over again. It sucks, and yes, its a sick cycle carousel...it just goes round and round and round. I feel like its hard, and it should be easy, and I guess sometimes i dont know if it'll end.

3.) Lenna's Theme - Final Fantasy V Dear Friends

Its been a while since I've played FFV, so I don't exactly remember the character of Lenna. I just remember she's a princess of some kingdom. Yeah, i need to get back to that game at some point.

I feel like this song represents two things: Innocence and hope. Maybe thats what the character is like, im not sure, but i guess its inspiring to me. I feel like theres that simple hope that I'll be brought through the situation. It'll be simple, and when it is solved, the results will be great and beautiful even. It'll have a warm feeling to it.

There you have it. Now onto my next question:
Which ringtone should i make next:
Final Fantasy Prologue (IV version) or Rebel Army Theme from FFII (Distant Worlds Version)


My Real life.

Maybe its that im having a bad day...but im kinda thinking about leaving the social networking websites. Facebook, Backloggery, Twitter....I just dont feel like they're really helping. I feel like its making me more frustrated because I dont really "network" with people. I tend to just be on there looking, and no matter when i write on someone's wall, i tend to get ignored. I need a real life...something i lack right now.

My Three Quick Reviews January edition

Welcome to My Three Reviews. This is a new thing that im doing where I do three quick reviews of three random things. It can be anything from a book, to music, to a game, a movie, or even a TV show. They might not be recent, but I still feel like reviewing them. As of right now, idk if this is a monthly thing, or just a weekly thing. Until i figure that out, here we go:

Growlanser II: The Sense of Justice (PS2)
This game is part of a two game compilation called Growlanser Generations. Since they're both two games each, I'm going to review it as its own game and not a separate package.

Growlanser II takes place in the kingdom of Burnstein. You play as Wein Cruz, a new recruit to the Burnstein army. As you fight during the end of the war between Burstein and Rolandia, you embark on a journey to become an Imperial Knight, the highest honor in Burstein. Along the way, you gain allies like Hans Bearnt the young orphan, Charlone Claudius, a daughter from a wealthy family with dreams of becoming an imperial knight, Riviera Marius, a brave woman with a mysterious past and many others who will aid you in your battle for justice and peace.

I had no knowledge of this game when i bought it, but it definitely a fun game. Its only about 20 hours long, so its a nice little diversion from the other games that may take longer. Its a strategy RPG with a unique twist. Rather than having something like a grid where you move, you command your characters to move to places or attack or do magic. Whenever they are commanded to do so, they will execute the command after their wait meter goes to zero. While i did like this in the game, i found that sometimes it got annoying to move my units. They would all get clumped up in one area and try to move out of the way of each other. This would cause people to just keep walking into each other and eventually getting stuck within each other. This could cause members to die. Also, there are I believe 10 playable characters, though you only get to play at 8 per play through. This leads to some replay value to get certain characters. I honestly didn't feel like most of the characters were interesting, save a few. But overall, this is a pretty good game. Its pretty rare, so if you can find it, pick it up.

The Big Bang Theory (CBS)

This is a very funny show. Its about two scientists named Leonard Hofstadter(Johnny Galecki) and Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) who's life is forever changed when an attractive blonde named Penny (Kaley Cuoco) moves in next door to them. Where Leonard and Sheldon are two scientists who know everything about Star Trek and Comic Books and next to nothing about 'real life', Penny balances this all out with her knowledge of 'normal things'. Joining the trio is Howard Wolowitz(Simon Helburg), a Jewish MIT Grad who fancies himself as a ladies man (but really isn't) and Raj Koothrappoli (Kunal Nayyar), an astrophysicist from India who LITERALLY cannot talk in the presence of women (unless drunk).

This show has been on for three seasons, and i just recently started watching it. As i said to start off, its a very funny show with alot of outrageous moments. One of my favorite moments, is when Leonard, who was startled during the night, goes out to investigate armed with a Star Wars Master Replica Lightsaber! Hilarious!!! Anywho, Season 1 started during the Writers strike, so I personally think its quality was lacking (plus it WAS its first season), but there are still some great moments throughout the three years. Look out for guest stars Sara Gilbert and Laurie Metcalf, who both stared in Rosanne (a show where Johnny Galecki guest stared in) throughout the years as well as other well known guest stars.

Maplewood Lane

I discovered this indie group while watching Radio Free Roscoe. Currently, they have four albums out, two of which can be found on iTunes (their self titled debut, and The Golden Skies). I like their sound. Its very relaxed and mellow along with some very pretty pieces. I will admit that some of their songs sound similar, but i still like them anyways. That being said, I still recommend listening to them. Here are a few songs that I recommend:

The Colour and the Gold
Wildwood Drive (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YavPF0KQbK4) (Weird video with Final Fantasy

Thats all for this month. Come back next month and see what I'll review.